Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Creative Combos: I love to massage!

jacket: pacsun (old), black top: so old, can't remember, tank: stolen from my mom, jeans: charlotte russe (shop), flats: payless (shop), necklace: sam moon (shop)

I wore this yesterday for a seated massage event I worked at.  It's casual but professional enough for my career and I love how I don't have to constantly be fussing with it like some outfits require. The high-waisted pants help them stay up (and hide my post-baby tummy!) and the flats are cute and very practical. 

The massage event was so much fun! I don't have very many chances to massage anymore, so it's really great when I have the opportunity. It reminds me of how passionate I am about the work I do and how much I enjoy it. I know it sounds corny, but there's something so rewarding about helping to relieve someone's pain or stress, even if just for a few minutes.


  1. You look so dang cute!!! I love this one on you!

  2. Not corny at all! It's (making people feel better) what we do and why (the reward of seeing the instantaneous relief) we do it! Glad you were there to help!