Monday, February 18, 2013

Creative Combos: Goodbye Winter

coat: target (old), dress: nordstrom rack, blouse: pacsun (old), patterned tights: gift, shoes: payless (old), belt: thrifted

This dress is definitely a major staple in my closet right now. I love how the paneling on it gives such a slimming appearance and its so fun and easy to layer. Because its one solid color, I can layer a blouse underneath with a fun pattern.

Its getting to be about that time when I'm ready to say good bye to winter. Being in Utah, it can be so beautiful. The mountains are breathtaking and the whole valley is covered in gorgeous snow, but it's been going on long enough. My family has been sick almost constantly this winter and I am so ready for some warmer weather. I'm a flip-flop girl at heart and my feet are ready to see the sun.


  1. From one flip flop girl to another: I feel you! I am so ready for the summer to come out! Just a little while.. ;)



  2. Love this dress! And those are some fabulous shoes!