Friday, June 14, 2013

DIY, reusable, knock-off Clorox Wipes

I'm in love! This might be one of my favorite homemade cleaning products I've made to date. Homemade knock-off Clorox wipes. It's honestly 100% better than the real deal. It's cheaper, eco-friendly, kid-friendly, and just plain more affective! I tried a different recipe first, but I didn't like the idea of using rubbing alcohol on all the things my kids are going to touch and/or put in their mouths, so I searched for other alternatives and I found this one

I started by cutting up about 3 old T shirts into Clorox wipe-size rectangles. I had an old baby wipe container laying around that was just perfect to keep these in. You can just toss them all in, but I'm the personality that needs to fold them up neatly so I did. Then I mixed together the recipe below.

I liked the idea of putting the recipe on the back of the container. Now I don't have to go scouring Pinterest to find the recipe each time I need it. I poured the mixture on top of the pile of rags and now I just shake it up a little each time I need one. And when I say "each time I need one", I mean about every hour. 

I have to try really hard to remember not to throw the wipes away after I use them and I toss them on the shelf over my washer and dryer. That way, I can dump them all int he washer at once and they go straight from the dryer back into their container. 

It's obvious that the cloth wipes will be more durable than the store-bought, disposable ones, but the texture of the material is also better for scrubbing. And one of these babies will last me WAY longer. I can wipe out both my bathroom sinks and my whole kitchen counter with only one wipe! It used to take me 3 Clorox wipes just to do my counter. Like I said before, this project is cheaper, eco-friendly, kid-friendly, and just plain more affective! 


  1. Awesome idea. I might have to try this!

  2. Love this!! I am definitely going to try this. You inspire me to be more of a homemaker! :)