Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Family, Home, and Me with Amelia

Sweet Amelia is next up for our FHandM series. Her blog, Bold Meets Basic, is definitely one of my go-to blogs for outfit inspiration. She has the most creative combos of, you guessed it, basic and bold pieces. And I love her view on fashion. "Our appearance empowers us. It is an expression and a form of art." Um, amen! 

all photos c/o Amelia

Family is the one subject I could go on for days and days about, but I don't want to bore all of you! Lets just start off with the fact that family is the most important factor in my life. I come from a huge Italian family who loves to talk loud, eat, and get together as much as possible!  I have twenty-four first cousins, and we're still growing! In my immediate family, I am the oldest of three kids. My parents have been together for twenty-six years, and still completely in love. I look up to both of them everyday, and I'm still so impressed with how they go about their lives. I couldn't have asked for a better set of parents. They're the best! My younger sister, Ali is my absolute best friend. I couldn't be more blessed to have a sister who is so completely understanding, trustworthy, kind, and simply beautiful! My younger brother, Vince, is just one of those kids that every parent would dream to have. Athletic, outgoing, funny, smart, and lovable are just a few words that come to mind when describing him. Like any younger brother, we struggle with getting along some days, but in reality, I don't know what I would do without that kid! When I was asked to do a portion on family, I couldn't think of just one memory or recipe to describe my family, because in reality, everyday that I spend with each and every member of my family is worth writing about!

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of my home would be organization! I strongly believe that organization is key to EVERYTHING! I am one of those crazy people that gets rid of a piece (or two) out of my wardrobe before adding a new one in. I hate keeping clothes that I never wear, I just never saw a point in it! My advice to all of you is to just keep your house and closet organized and your life will be SO much easier!

This one was a hard topic for me to extend on, but if I were to have to choose a topic to discuss about me it would have to be my love for fashion. At a young age I discovered I had a strong opinion on not only what looks good on me, but others as well. As the years have gone by, my love for fashion has remained. Just this past year I started my own personal fashion blog, Bold Meets Basic. It has become something that I am really proud of, and I have truly enjoyed every aspect of it! For those of you out there who have thought about writing your own blog, whether it is for fashion, food, or even just life, I strongly suggest you pursue it! It gives you a sense of accomplishment everyday, and for that I couldn't be more proud!

Thank you so much, Amelia! Be sure to check out Bold Meets Basic for some of THE best outfit inspiration ever! 

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