Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Family, Home, and Me with Chrissy

Chrissy of We're "Gavin'" Fun is up next for our FHandM series. I miss this girl SO much! She moved away a long time ago and I am the epitome of the phrase "out of sight, out of mind." I definitely haven't kept in touch like I should, but she is the sweetest person. One of those drop-anything-at-a-moments-notice-to-help-you-out kind of girls. And she's got 2 children 10 months apart. That's one busy mama! Take it away, Chrissy! 

I met Kensie in Provo, Utah. We were neighbors and part of the same church congregation. My family and I have since moved to Las Vegas, NV. I love crafty stuff, being social, reading books, sewing, singing, and really I just like doing a lot of different things! Kensie asked me to share a few things that help me in my life with my home, my family, and myself! Here goes…

I love to do craft projects with my kids. This was the most recent one I did with my cute little daughter, Savvy. We love how they turned out!

I got both shirts at Walmart (believe it or not : ) ) and bought fabric paint. Make sure you buy the regular fabric paint and not the puffy kind. I made stencils of the images we wanted to use and just mixed a black paint with a white paint. The picture makes them look really black but they are actually a dark grey. We sponge painted over the stencils and let it dry for a few hours and they were ready to wear!

Judah was down for his mid-morning nap and Savvy was out in the living room with Glenn. I went in the bedroom to do some cleaning and just jumped into bed for a minute, not to sleep, but to just lay there. (that is what happens when your kids wake up at around 6 every morning and you go to bed at 12 every night) I was thinking about how I needed to get some cleaning done today and I thought about what to tackle first...I thought back about other ways I have organized my cleaning when a big job is to be done.

There are two things that you can do first to help you get motivated to clean:

The first is to make your bed. If you walk into your room and there is laundry to fold, and toys in your room, make your bed and it seems like half of the work is done and creates a huge difference immediately. 

The second, although not as fast to do, is the dishes! If you have a clean sink and no dishes on the counter all of the sudden you have more motivation to clean the rest. Sometimes cleaning is mental!! The rest of the cleaning will not be so bad because it will appear so much cleaner already.

Those are my thoughts on the
psychology of cleaning.
It might be different for you, but it works for me. I think I will go make my bed now! : )

I decided for the section about me that I would share my current workout playlist. I started going jogging every morning at 5:30 AM so I can get a good start before my kids wake up. My workout music changes periodically when I get sick of a song or when I find a new really good one : ) but this is the one I rock out to for right now.



Stephanie Smith

Imagine Dragons

It’s Time
Imagine Dragons

Ellie Goulding

It isn’t a very long playlist right now, but that is because I replay Bleeding Out at least 3 times :)

Thanks so much, Chrissy, for sharing with us. You can see more of Chrissy and her beautiful family on her blog, We're "Gavin'" Fun!

If you are interested in contributing to our Family, Home, and Me series, please email me at gracefullykensie [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. Love it! It's so true that cleaning is all mental! Do one little thing like making your bed and it all seems easier. I love your playlist. I'll have to add it to my collection :)
    Thanks for sharing Chrissy. Missing you!
    And Kensie, this F,H, and Me series is genius.

  2. Thanks Kense! This was a lot of fun to put together! : )