Monday, June 17, 2013

24 hour date

Let me start out by saying my husband is as amazing as they come. He's pretty laid-back and chill so when it comes to date night, I'm usually the one finding a babysitter, checking movie times, calling for reservations, etc. However, he went above and beyond the other day. I dropped the kids off at my aunt's house for a full 24 hours and we started our date around 12:30 pm. I had no idea what we were going to do. Mitch planned the entire thing. I was so freaking excited and the whole thing definitely lived up to my expectations.

Getting ready to take off. 

We went to Tucanos for lunch. Mitch actually put a lot of thought into where we went to eat. I've been doing a semi-Paleo diet recently, which is really easy to do at a Brazilian Steakhouse. It was very sweet of him. 

Then, we went to a movie. Mitch picked out The Internship. I don't know that I recommend it. There were funny parts, don't get me wrong, but I'm not going to buy it for my collection or anything. I still had a great time being with my favorite guy.

After the movie, we went home and changed. Mitch packed up a picnic (I had no idea what food at the time) and we headed up Provo canyon to this sweet little camping spot where he set up our tiny barbecue and grilled some chicken for a salad.  He'd gone online and found a Paleo recipe to make for our dinner up the canyon. Isn't he so cute?! 

We actually ended up eating it in the car because of all the bugs flying around. It was still sweet and yummy nonetheless. Mitch took me to this hiking spot afterwards and we ended up hiking all the way to the top of the mountain! Not what he had originally planned, but we had some time to kill before the next activity. The scenery was absolutely amazing! Hands down the prettiest trail I have ever been on in my life. There was a couple getting their engagement photos taken there, that's how pretty it was. 

My poor attempt at a shot of us. 

  That tiny grey speck in the middle is our car. We'd only gone about 1/3 of the way up at that point.

There was a point where we were completely surrounded by a field of these beautiful yellow flowers. It was a definite "The hills are alive..." moment!

There aren't words to describe the view we saw at the top. Absolutely breathtaking. I didn't even bother taking pictures of it because I knew there was no way they would do it justice. I turned to Mitch and said "I wish there was a camera that could capture what my eyes are seeing. A screen has such a limited range." In response, he said, "That's probably how it's supposed to be. A screen can't capture everything. You need to be present in the moment." 

Boom. Can you say profound?

And then, less than 10 minutes later, I hear, "I just punched a bee!" Gotta love him. 

 "I'm on top of a mountain!"

Our last activity he had planned for the night was watching the sunset. He had come prepared with drinks and a blanket so we could snuggle up. We went out to lunch the other day and he had gotten orange soda as his drink. I took a sip and said something to the effect of, "Oh my gosh, it's been so long since I've had this. It's SO good!" He remembered and he brought me an orange soda for our sunset. So very thoughtful. 

We ended up staying out super late with friends going bowling and getting some middle of the night breakfast and then sleeping in until 11:30 in the morning (something that NEVER happens), but my favorite parts of our long date were when it was just Mitch and me. We hardly get to spend quality one on one time together what with 2 little munchkins running around, so this date was very very special to me. 

I don't want to forget to say a happy belated father's day to that gorgeous guy, my wonderful husband. You are the most amazing dad to our children and I wouldn't want anyone else doing the job. We all love you so much and are so grateful for all you do. I am so proud of you and am thrilled that we get to spend eternity together as a family. I freakin love you, babe!


  1. Where did you guys hike? It looks absolutely beautiful....

  2. Great idea!! Good job, Mitch!