Monday, May 27, 2013

Creative Combos: Matching Red Hair

shirt: old navy (shop), cardigan: target (old), shorts: altered by me, necklace: lia sophia (old), shoes: rue 21 (old)

I promise I didn't match my hair and my sweater on purpose. I wasn't aware just how close of a match they were until I saw these pictures so I apologize if I look like one huge orange blob.

My boys have beautiful red hair. And I am jealous. So I dye my hair red to match. Okay, maybe its a little brighter than theirs is but its red nonetheless. The problem with dyed red hair is that it fades so quickly. Seriously, one week after you have it done and the color has dulled exponentially. So it's always such a huge pick-me-up every 6 weeks when my girl, Cassie, cakes on the color. I've had a lot of different shades of red going on in the past and I think we finally landed on a keeper. Pretty sure I've always been a red-head at heart, my hair just didn't get the message.

P.S. I'll be posting about an amazing,natural way I maintain my hair color in the next couple days so be sure to check back!

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